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Want to gain a greater understanding of organisational health and wellbeing and the support we can offer your organisation?

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 Increase performance

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The wellbeing of your people is the answer!

Healthy Places is a Public Health and wellbeing solutions provider supporting growth and transforming lives. We work with you and your organisation to identify and implement strategies to bring about positive change.

With our roots in public health, our services are based on the most up-to-date research and guidance. Our support is bespoke. Whether it’s a one-off training course, a more involved project, or you take up our annual membership, we’ll equip you with strategies, tools and techniques to empower your people to become their happiest, most engaged and fulfilled selves. There is much we can achieve together. Once a member, you may also choose to recognise and celebrate your work by undertaking our Healthy Places Award and demonstrating your reputation as an organisation that supports and promotes health and wellbeing.

We support businesses, children and young people’s services, health and social care providers, educational organisations and community groups. Investing in people and developing an ‘everyone matters’ culture strengthens morale, increases productivity and performance, raises aspirations, improves attendance and enhances your organisation’s reputation. Let us help you transform your settings and empower your people whilst you watch them grow into the happiest, most engaged and fulfilled versions of themselves.

Whether it’s developing strategies for change, creating programmes to promote health and wellbeing, process and policy development, or even if you would like ideas on where to start focusing your attention, call us now to learn what we can achieve together. For more information about the services we offer, have a read of the Healthy Places Booklet (PDF).

If you are interested in registering and would like us to contact you, please complete our online Enquiry form.

You can also get in touch by email at or by telephone on 01472 325500.

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