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Climate change

Climate change is a critical issue facing us all. North East Lincolnshire Council is firm in its ambitions, having declared a climate emergency in September 2019. We know that prevention and protection from climate change is a concern shared by our residents. The enormity of the situation can seem overwhelming, but we believe a collective effort of small steps can make a massive difference.

At North East Lincolnshire Council, we care about our environment, and we want to play our part in helping to solve the crisis that our planet faces. We have already worked to reduce our organisation’s carbon emissions and we recognise that we need to work with others to achieve a sustainable future for our place.

Carbon Roadmap

The Carbon Roadmap sets out how the Council plans to achieve its aim to cut its carbon emissions to net zero by 2040 and for North East Lincolnshire to be carbon net zero by 2050

Natural Assets Plan

The Natural Assets Plan sets out how the Council and its partners can improve the area’s unique natural environment for the benefit of everyone

Tree planting

Learn about the Council’s ‘tree strategy’ and how you can get involved with Greening Up Our Place with tree planting tips and community projects

Council projects

How the Council is working to reduce its carbon footprint and improve the natural environment

Business and community projects

How the Council is working with local businesses and communities to reduce their carbon footprint and improve the natural environment


Driving the growth of the renewable industry and its supply chain

Consumption and emission dashboards

Monitoring the efficiency of our buildings, through water and energy consumption and our carbon emissions

Latest green news