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Important: £150 Council Tax energy rebate 3 weeks ago


Energy is a priority for the council, but why is it so important? Energy is expensive, in some cases, it pollutes the environment and traditional sources of energy (fossil fuels) have an uncertain future.

The demand for energy is directly linked to prosperity and our desire to improve the wellbeing of ourselves and our communities.

About RenewNEL

Home for information about the Energy and Carbon projects in North East Lincolnshire

Offshore renewables

Driving the growth of the renewable industry and its supply chain

Smarter Energy NEL

Preparing local business for a future of Net Zero Emissions

Council’s energy projects

How the council is working to reduce its energy footprint

Business and community energy

Energy improvements in the community

Climate Local

Information on the Climate Local agreement as North East Lincolnshire aspires to become the renewable energy capital of the UK

Energy and water consumption and carbon emissions

Energy efficiency of our buildings, through the Smart Energy Greater Lincolnshire programme