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About RenewNEL

The importance of energy

Energy is a priority for the council, but why is it so important?

Energy is expensive, in some cases, it pollutes the environment and traditional sources of energy (fossil fuels) have an uncertain future.

The demand for energy is directly linked to prosperity and our desire to improve the well-being of ourselves and our communities.

Our communities use energy each day to make their lives richer, more productive, safer and healthier. We consume energy to keep warm, prepare food, travel and work but energy supply is becoming less reliable and less certain at the same time as we’re expecting population growth in this area to drive demand higher. Meeting that growing demand for energy in a safe and environmentally responsible manner is a key challenge for us.

Humber renewables

The emergence of the Humber renewables sector, and the profile that brings to the region, provides an immediate opportunity to deliver wider benefits for our community. The council has a key role in enabling and delivering this agenda and ensuring those benefits are realised locally.

We’re open for business in North East Lincolnshire. We’ve ambitious plans to make the Humber, and Grimsby in particular, the UK capital of the renewable energy industry and also deliver a low carbon economy and community, becoming less reliant on traditional sources of energy.

As part of that, we’re continuing to promote the importance of engaging beyond our boundaries and bringing influence to bear in the interests of promoting investment and confidence in the area.

Our energy aspirations

We hosted a round table discussion in London to highlight our energy aspirations to business leaders, civil servants and key players in the industry. This was also part of our work to bring a national conference on Energy to North East Lincolnshire, where we can showcase our ambition and activity to an international, national, regional and local audience.

Offshore wind operations and maintenance is already established as a hub in Grimsby anyway, but this is about expanding our offer, growing it and benefiting other supply chains in the area too. We’re a council and an area which is hugely willing to work to bring the benefits a successful local energy sector can deliver for local communities.

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