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Designated premises supervisor

Consent to be a DPS

Every licensed premises must have a designated premises supervisor (DPS) who holds a personal licence. If you have more than one licensed premises you can have the same designated supervisor for each one.

The designated premises supervisor needs to understand and be involved in the everyday running of the business. They don’t always need be at the premises but they must be available as the main contact for the police and the council.

To be a designated premises supervisor you must first be asked by the premises licence holder. Then you can fill in the consent form to be named on the premises licence as the designated premises supervisor.

Change your DPS

To update your premises licence with a different named designated premises supervisor you must:

  1. appoint someone with a personal licence
  2. ask them to fill in the consent form to be name as the new DPS on your premises licence
  3. fill in a variation of a designated premises supervisor  form


Application typeCost
New premises licenceIncluded in the cost of your new premises licence application.
Variation or transfer of a designated premises supervisor£23
Change of details not requiring a Vary DPS or Transfer£10.50
Removal of a designated premises supervisor£0

Contact details

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