North East Lincolnshire Council

Street trading and street markets

Applicants will be required to apply in writing, giving at least two months notice of any proposed start date to allow for consultation and possible committee meetings.

Street trading application form (Word document)

It is an offence for anyone to engage in street trading (defined as being the selling or exposing or offering for sale of any article or living thing in a street) in a designated area.

North East Lincolnshire has a number of consent streets these are:

  • Bull Ring Lane, Brewery Street
  • East St Mary’s Gate
  • Haven Walk
  • Old Market Place
  • Riverhead
  • Riverhead bus stand
  • Silver Street
  • St James Square
  • Station Approach
  • Victoria Street West
  • West St Mary’s Gate
  • Service Roads off West St Mary’s Gate (North and South)

Anyone wishing to trade in these areas is required to apply to the licensing section for street trading consent using the form in the related documents section of this page.

The following activities do not require street trading consent:

  • Street musicians, (unless selling goods – CD’s etc)
  • Periodical sales, (e.g. the Grimsby Telegraph stall)
  • Pedlars
  • Rounds men
  • Street collections
  • Statutory markets granted by charter

We will normally only allow one trader to hold a consent in a specific location.

Street cafes

Street cafes are only engaging in street trading if they take money from customers in the street.

Planning consent

Any street trader operating for more than 14 days a year may require planning permission.

Please contact the planning department on 01472 324213 or email to ensure compliance with planning legislation.

Stalls/ vehicles/ trailer/ other

All applicants will be asked to provide evidence of the appearance of their stalls. Details of the vehicle/structures are required together with external dimensions etc. Articles and type of goods to be sold if food whether hot or cold, and proposed location in respect of proximity to any permanent shops selling similar goods. Stalls of a reasonable level of good taste and appropriateness and look will be preferred to avoid unnecessary A-boards, banners and similar advertising clutter.

Markets/ individual stall holders

Applications for all markets including thematic and seasonal markets should be made as one application. The applications of existing market organisers can be determined under delegated powers if the application is unopposed.

Applications from new market organisers and individual stall holders will be determined by community protection committee. Applicants may be required to attend these hearings in order to provide further details of their application. Each application will be determined on it’s own merit.

Street trading times

Trading times for consents will normally start at 9 am, traders are required to have cleaned up and left the site by 10 pm.


All applications are subject to an administration fee of £100 which is non-refundable. (markets will have a one-off administration fee).

  • Market stalls will be charged at £30 per stall per day
  • Individual stalls will be charged £50 per stall per day

Application procedure

Once an application has been accepted the licensing section will circulate the application to all relevant consultees for a consultation period of 14 days.

Unopposed applications for known market organisers are delegated to the executive director of community services.

Any unknown market organiser’s applications will be determined by community protection committee.

Regardless of any comments being received all individual applications will be determined by the community protection committee.

All consents will be subject to any conditions that the council thinks appropriate, including relevant conditions requested by consultees.

The council further reserves the right to revoke any consent at any time.

There is no legal requirement to provide reasons for refusing an application and there in no right of appeal.

Illegal street trading

If you believe that anyone is illegally trading in the streets mentioned above, please contact the licensing section.

Licensing Team, Doughty Road Depot, Doughty Road, Grimsby, DN32 0LL


Telephone: 01472 326299 option 2

Opening times: Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm except bank holidays