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Local pubs to get new weapon in the battle against drunken violence

Pubs and clubs across North East Lincolnshire are set to get more help in the fight to stop alcohol-related violence in the area.

Pubwatch North East Lincolnshire, working with North East Lincolnshire Council’s licensing and safer and stronger communities teams, has won £2,268 funding to supply venues with polycarbonate glasses.

The funding comes from the crime reduction fund of the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner.

In North East Lincolnshire glass-related incidents -also known as glassing – have been decreasing, and the hope is to eradicate it completely.

One in twenty incidents that take place in England and Wales every year involve the use of glasses as weapons, and only half of these are reported to the Police.

Local venues have steadily been making the push towards polycarbonate glasses over recent years, but funding from the Police and Crime Commissioner’s crime reduction fund is expected to speed up the change.

Police estimate that each incident of ‘glassing’ costs health and emergency services more than £500,000.

Councillor David Bolton, portfolio holder for public protection, said: “This is great news for local pubs and clubs in our area, and for their patrons.

“Polycarbonate cups are less likely to cause lifelong scarring and blindness if used as a weapon than ordinary glasses.

“Incidents where glasses are used as weapons cost the taxpayer millions of pounds per year, not to mention the permanent damage they can cause to people’s lives.

“Glass breakages within venues also cause a serious risk to staff. All of this is unnecessary and preventable.”

Over 6200 polycarbonate glasses have already been distributed to bars, pubs and clubs across North East Lincolnshire.

Distributing polycarbonate glasses via the pubwatch network will allow the pubwatch group to have a proactive role in helping to reduce glass related injuries and litter.

Venues will also be encouraged to purchase their own polycarbonates for their establishments.

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