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New ‘green’ vans to speed up collection of stray dogs

North East Lincolnshire Council’s enforcement team has added new vans to its growing electric fleet.

The two new zero emission vans will be used to collect and transport stray dogs from the streets of North East Lincolnshire.

By replacing its diesel vans with electric vehicles, North East Lincolnshire Council is working towards becoming a carbon-neutral authority by 2050, in line with UK government targets.

The Nissan eNV200 Acenta Rapid vans, for the Environmental Enforcement team, bring the total number of electric vehicles in the Council fleet to 25.

Councillor Stewart Swinburn, cabinet member for Environment at North East Lincolnshire Council, said: “The vehicles will replace two very old and inefficient diesel vans which had become expensive to run.

“North East Lincolnshire Council is committed to being fully carbon-neutral by 2050, something we take very seriously. For every diesel vehicle we take off the road, we’re one step closer to this goal.

“Electric vehicles are not just good for the environment, but reducing emissions means better air quality, which can benefit people’s health across the borough.”

Fuel savings per vehicle comes to between £600 and £1,000 a year, a total of £15,000 to £25,000 for all vehicles. The Council will also save £5,500 each year on road tax for all vehicles as a result of going green.

The new vans are both kitted out with dedicated equipment for transporting dogs.

After receiving reports from members of the public, Council operatives are able to find and collect the animals. Dogs are then taken to holding kennels for initial identity checks.

Neil Clark, strategic lead for regulatory services, said: “Forty seven stray dogs were recovered from the streets of North East Lincolnshire in the last quarter of 2019 alone.

“Being able to contact owners quickly is not only in the best interests of the dog but is in the financial interest of the dog owners as well.

“Microchipping your family pets is the best way to provide a permanent proof of ownership and get your dog returned to you quickly should it go missing.”

North East Lincolnshire Council now has 25 fully electric vehicles: three Nissan Leaf cars, 15 vans and seven people carriers, including one with wheelchair access.

The vans can travel up to 235 miles before needing to be recharged. Repairs and maintenance costs have also been cut as there are fewer moving parts in the engine to wear out and no oil is needed.

It’s estimated the 25 vehicles will reduce carbon emissions by 20 tonnes, including the energy needed to charge the vans.

If you find a stray dog and have contained or secured it, contact the Council on 01472 326300. Dangerous dogs must be reported to the police 101 non-emergency number.

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