North East Lincolnshire Council

New online service launches for council tax accounts

North East Lincolnshire Council has launched a new online service for people to access their council tax account details.

The online service will save residents time, be accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and provide instant access to council tax accounts.

To view your council tax account online go to the My Account section at and follow the instructions.

You will need your council tax account number and email address to see your account online. Your account number can be found on your latest council tax bill.

Council Tax is the latest feature to be added to the My Account service. The new online service will allow you to view:

  • All your account transactions, such as direct debits or other payments
  • Your current instalment dates
  • Any arrears or costs on your account.

Cllr Matthew Patrick, portfolio holder for finance, community assets, governance and tourism, said:

“In the past, people would be limited to phoning the Council to ask when their next payment is due. This service provides an extra route for people to access their information where ever and whenever they choose.

“People can also track transactions, arrears or costs on their account to help them keep up-to-date with payments, this will allow residents who have busy lives to keep on top of their council tax whilst still allowing more traditional forms of access.”




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