North East Lincolnshire Council

New project to help people with their travel planning

A new pilot project  that offers free personalised travel plans and could help people save money while they help the environment launches in Grimsby this week.

The Residential Planning Project will see a team of travel advisors hitting the streets to speak to people living on the Freshney Green Estate from Wednesday 2 August to Saturday 5 August.  The team will be chatting with residents to gain an insight into the different modes of transport which they currently use and offer to work with them to develop an individual travel plan, encouraging the use of sustainable transport methods.

A personalised travel plan will then be created and hand delivered to those households interested in changing the way they travel, with advice and information given on what is available and how to access it.

They will also be asked if they would like to make pledge to follow their travel plan and those who do will be put into a prize draw with a winner being draw from those who kept to their pledge.

The travel advisors will then meet with the individuals a month later to see if they have altered the way they travel as a result of their plan and fulfilled their pledge or if there are any barriers in place preventing them from using sustainable travel options. The team can then look to address these barriers.

The first prize in the competition is an Amazon voucher worth £50 and there are several smaller runner up prizes, the winners will be drawn towards the end of September.

Cllr David Watson, portfolio holder for energy and environment at NELC, said: “The aim of this pilot project,  which is being delivered by North East Lincolnshire Council working in partnership with ENGIE, is to cut the number of car journeys made from residential developments in the borough.

“It follows similar work that has been carried out with businesses and other organisations in the area.

“We’re encouraging people to use more sustainable modes of travel, such as walking, cycling, public transport and car sharing.

“Thinking more about the journeys we take and how we travel not only helps the environment, but could also save us money and improve our fitness.”

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