North East Lincolnshire Council

Street naming and numbering application


Your application must have a description of the works and the following information:

  • planning application reference number*
  • building regulations application number
  • three alternative suggestions for street names, in order of preference (if creating a new street)
  • 1:1250 ordnance survey location plan
  • site layout plan (for larger developments)
  • applicants current postal address

Please note: A street naming and numbering application can only be made valid if planning permission has been granted. Applications where planning permission has not been granted will be placed on hold until permission is granted.


When building or converting a property into flats the addressing for ‘flat numbers’ will be used (not letters) for example:

  • Flat 1, 15 Victoria Street
  • Flat 2, Smith House, John Street

Change of name or adding an alternative property name

Royal mail and the emergency services must agree to this change providing there is no duplication in the immediate area. If a property has a number this number will still be the principal address of the property.

Postal delivery problems

If you have an address query or wish to register your property as an active address with both the council and royal mail please send an email to

Ordnance survey maps

Information about how and where to obtain the correct location and block plans for a planning application, including ordnance survey maps, can be found on the use of ordnance survey mapping in connection with the submission of planning applications page.

Contact details

Street naming and numbering, New Oxford House, 2 George Street, Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire, DN31 1HB


Telephone: 01472 323579

Opening times: by appointment only