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Highway asset management

The highway network is the most valuable asset owned by the public sector in the UK. North East Lincolnshire has highway network infrastructure valued at £1.117billion (2014/15). Highway infrastructure assets include carriageways, footways, structures, street lighting, traffic signals, highway drainage, street furniture and public rights of way.

In Autumn 2010 a review of the council’s Transport Asset Management Plan was undertaken by an independent consultant engaged by the regeneration partnership. The key recommendations arising from the review report have been used as a basis to move forward with the under-pinning work which is necessary to update the Council’s Transport Asset Management Plan.

Highway Asset Management Policy

The Highway Asset Management Policy (PDF) demonstrates to the public and all stakeholders, including senior decision makers, elected members, practitioners and service providers, how it supports the council’s corporate policies. It describes the principles adopted in applying asset management to achieve the authority’s strategic objectives of a Stronger Economy and Stronger Communities.

Highway Asset Management Strategy

The regeneration partnership’s Highway Asset Management Strategy (PDF) sets out how the objectives of the councils Highway Asset Management Policy (PDF) are to be achieved. It describes how the regeneration partnership is using and developing an asset management approach to the management of the authority’s highway network.

List of streets

Under the Highways Act 1980, Section 36(6), every highway authority has to keep corrected and up to date a record of highways maintainable at public expense which may be inspected by the public. This is referred to as the List of Streets (PDF).

  • The presence of a street on our list does not necessarily mean it can be driven or ridden along. For example it may be subject to a traffic regulation order restricting use.
  • All publicly maintained A, B, C and unclassified roads are our responsibility. The A180, from Pyewipe roundabout and the Borough Boundary is the responsibility of Highways England (formerly known as The Highways Agency).
  • The list has been prepared using available council records and is correct to the best of our knowledge. It does not, however, constitute a definitive statement as to the status of any particular highway.
  • This is not a comprehensive list of the entire highway network in North East Lincolnshire although the majority of streets are included for information purposes.
  • The extent of the highway maintainable at public expense is not available on the list and can only be determined through the search process.
  • This list does not contain recorded Public Rights of Way, nor does it contain streets that are privately maintained.
  • This list is the property of North East Lincolnshire Council and is only available to the public for viewing purposes and must not be copied or distributed.

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