North East Lincolnshire Council

Road safety advice

Road safety impacts each and every one of us on our way to work, school, visiting family and friends, enjoying days out and doing day-to-day activities, whatever mode of transport we choose to take.

Road Safety initiatives are delivered by ENGIE, working in partnership with North East Lincolnshire Council, and it is a key priority to ensure that our residents and visitors are safe when travelling across the borough’s 386 miles of carriageways. In 2016 there was a 62% reduction in the number of people killed or seriously injured in road traffic accidents compared with the average between 2004 and 2008 in North East Lincolnshire, a trend that the Partnership is committed to continue to improve.

Road Safety Engineers

Road Safety Engineers continually work to identify priority locations where the introduction of a road safety scheme would reduce the risk of accidents. This could include the installation of traffic calming features such as speed cushions, raised tables or changes to speed limits such as 20mph zones. In addition, the engineers work closely with other partners, including Safer Roads Humber, to identify areas for speed limit enforcement.

Road safety information

A range of road safety advice and guidance for drivers

Find out more about school crossing patrols in North East Lincolnshire

Read the UK highway code for an overview of the rules for pedestrians

Complete this online form to report an issue or concern with speeding in North East Lincolsnhire

Road Safety Education Team

The Road Safety Education Team delivers a number of different services and initiatives to help educate all road users on how to keep themselves safe on our roads.

The team works with local schools and colleges in the borough, attending assemblies and events to talk to children and young people on how to take care when using roads and footpaths.

In 2016 38 talks were given to over 8,000 children. We also work with the schools to try and improve safety in and around the building and playgrounds, also educating the parents on the importance of parking safely around schools.

For those young adults who are old enough to be able to drive, or are learning to drive, the team also give advice and promote campaigns working in conjunction with the Police, Fire Service and Safer Roads Humber.