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Traffic signals

Great Coates Road x Larmour Road x Wybers Way Signals;

Changes have been made so that the right turn early starts will only come up if there are 4 or more vehicles waiting on Great Coates Road and 3 or more vehicles on the side road. This is to ease congestion on the main road.

It is noted that vehicles are still allowed to turn right with a full green within gaps of traffic and also at the end of the stage, if the signals turn to red and you have already crossed the stop line with a green signal you are permitted to complete your movement through the junction, remaining within the junction or reversing back up to the stop line are not permitted movements as these cause unnecessary obstructions and do not allow the detection to count traffic in for the next stage.

If vehicles are detected over the stop line at the end of the full green then extra time will be given within the intergreen to the next movement so that vehicles can complete their movements safely.From a design point of view and a traffic signal point of view the early right turn starts that have become normal at this junction on the side road are unnecessary and on similar junctions across the country you would not see this typically. The early right turns will remain at this junction but will now have the new conditioning as previously stated (4 or more cars on the main road and 3 or more cars on the side road).

I will continue to monitor the junction and make changes as I see necessary, but from what I/others have witnessed the changes seem to have worked easing congestion at peaks times on both the main road and the side roads.

We are responsible for 70+ permanent signalised junctions and crossing points throughout the borough. If you encounter a problem with our traffic signals complete our online form Traffic signals and rising bollards.

Temporary lights are usually linked to planned or emergency streetworks and planned highway improvement works. Works promoters are required to display emergency contact information should there be an issue with the lights. If you experience an issue with temporary lights and an emergency contact isn’t available, please contact 01472 313131.

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