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Corporate parenting

In 2007 the Government published “Care Matters: Time for Change” in which they declared an expectation that all local areas would develop a ‘Pledge’ for their children in care, through the children’s trust arrangements.

‘Care Matters: Time for Change’ emphasises that children in care deserve the best experiences in life, from excellent parenting and education to a wide range of opportunities to develop their talents and skills.

The North East Lincolnshire pledge was developed through a series of workshops and consultations with looked after children and care leavers.

The Pledge details what young people in care want from North East Lincolnshire Council and the officers who work there.

Councillor Margaret Cracknell is the Chair of the Corporate Parenting Board, the forum that ensures the role of the Council as a “parent” is fulfilled.  She says “As elected members, we take the role as “parent” to children in our care very seriously. And like any good parent, we want the best opportunities available for our children and for them to grow up healthy and to realise their full potential. The Corporate Parenting Strategy and the Pledge sets out how we can do that. In fact, all staff across the entire council can champion the cause”

The Pledge is a set of promises and understandings between the looked after young people of North East Lincolnshire and the council, who are their Corporate Parents.

The Corporate Parenting Board has created a leaflet supporting every Councillor to fulfil their role and responsibilities in terms of corporate parenting. Corporate Parenting emphasises the collective responsibility of a Council, in conjunction with all statutory and non-statutory bodies, to contribute to raising standards for Looked after Children. The leaflet was sent to every Councillor. A copy is available to download on the bottom of this page. Officers of the Council can use this leaflet to establish a bench-mark for the inherent interests of Looked After children.

Corporate parenting pledge under review

The corporate parenting pledge is currently being reviewed and will be available here soon.

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