North East Lincolnshire Council

Age restricted sales


Do you know the age limits?

Age of person 12+ and 15+

  • Christmas crackers (12+)
  • videos
  • DVDs
  • computer games

Age of person 16+

  • lottery tickets and scratch cards
  • spray paints
  • party poppers
  • petrol/diesel

Age of person 18+

  • sunbeds
  • tobacco (including cigarettes, cigarette papers and rolling tools)
  • fireworks
  • classified 18 films or computer games
  • alcohol
  • lighters (including butane or solvents refills)
  • knives or weapons (knife blades, razor blades or axes)

In North East Lincolnshire we carry out the Challenge 25 scheme, if you’re buying something which has an age restriction and look under the age of 25, you might be asked for ID to verify your age.

Advice is available to businesses about age restricted products and preventing underage sales on the Business Companion website. If you’re caught to be trading illegally, you can be fined up to £5000 and sentenced to up to 6 months in prison.

You can report a trader if they sell age restricted products to customers below the legal age.

Contact details

North East Lincolnshire Council does not provide consumer advice.

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Telephone: 01472 326299 option 3