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Update on construction and highways projects across the borough

Work on most construction and major highways projects across the borough is under constant review in light of government guidelines and conversations with contractors delivering the workas the impact of the COVID-19 crisis continues to be felt.

On the majority of major regeneration and highway improvement projects, work has come to a stop as contractors are seeing a shortage of available materials and labour, suppliers closing and sub-contractors halting operations. Where this is the case, some finishing-off and safety work is taking place before their temporary closure.

Of the projects currently underway, which are being managed by North East Lincolnshire Council’s regeneration partner ENGIE, and delivered by a range of contractors, the situation, as at Friday 3 April, is as follows:

Grimsby Garth Lane: The main construction phase of this £1.5m project to recreate the central town area was due to start on Monday, March 30. This project has been delayed until further notice to investigate the most appropriate way forward;

Grimsby St James’ Square: Work scheduled to start in mid-April is now likely to be delayed. As reported, the area is to be remodeled with new planting schemes; signage and furniture to create a family-friendly public space that can accommodate outdoor events;

Cleethorpes Sea Road Project/Waves site: The demolition of the former entertainment venue and adjacent boat house was due to start last week but has been postponed until further notice. In the meantime, the planning application for the new multi-purpose building has been submitted and is due to be heard at the next planning committee meeting.

Sea Road North side, public realm: The work to replace the paving and associated improvements on the north side of Sea Road (opposite the Waves building) is being completed this week as far as possible, with all traffic management lifted and suspension of further work. Some areas will not be completed, but will be as soon as work returns to site;

Cleethorpes Alexandra Road public realm: The repaving work on the Pier Gardens side is being completed this week ahead of schedule. However, the works to the opposite side of the road have been postponed and the temporary one-way system in place on Alexandra Road and associated traffic management in the area will be lifted before the site is temporarily closed;

SHIIP (South Humber Industrial Investment Project), the A1173 works between the CATCH roundabout and the Stallingborough A180 interchange: Work to improve the CATCH roundabout is being suspended with the traffic management lifted, and future phased work will be delayed;

SHIIP, the construction of a new South Humber Link Road: The scheme has been temporarily stood down. This will be reviewed in four weeks.

The A18/Barton Street road safety improvements: Works are currently continuing on the first phase of the A18 project, between the Oaklands Hotel and Laceby Golf Club. This phase of work is currently anticipated to be finished in May;

A180 South Humber Bank Highway Improvements Scheme: Resurfacing work between the former Huntsman Tioxide site and Gilbey Road roundabout is delayed. The road closure will remain to ensure the safety of road users. Meanwhile, the installation of an additional lane on the approach to Westgate Roundabout is also delayed. This will follow on from the completion of phase 3 once this has been completed.

B1444 junction improvements (Little Coates Road/ Cambridge Road): The scheme has been temporarily stood down due to the contractors being unable to source materials and a low staffing resource. This will be reviewed in four weeks.

Where necessary, ENGIE has instructed that daily inspections are carried out at the highways’ sites to ensure that safe working practices are being carried out on site including the additional measures introduced as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

On behalf of North East Lincolnshire Council, the authority leader Cllr Philip Jackson said he wanted work on projects to continue where practicable and safe so to do.

“We’re all determined to deliver these projects which are vital to the future of North East Lincolnshire. I want work to progress as quickly as possible where this is practicable and safe. Government guidance is clear; there is no requirement to halt construction projects. However, where on-site work may have to be suspended, there is much our teams can be doing behind the scenes to ensure we’re fully prepared once we’re able to resume work,” he said.


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