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Alcohol and drugs

Drugs and alcohol can have a terrible effect on your body, especially if you are still developing and you should know the dangers and your limits. If you are worried about the effects drugs and alcohol may have, or are worried about your friends, help is at hand. Never feel pressured into taking anything you don’t want to – It’s not worth the risk.

Alcohol and drugs do more harm to you than it does to adults because the brain is still developing. Drinking heavily can lead to lifelong damage to the memory, the ability to move and coordination. It can also make you do things you would never usually do if you were sober, and can often lead to accidents and incidents that you would not have chosen.

Talk to frank

Talktofrank is a great source for any teenagers that are just going to parties, and are unsure about the dangers and effects drugs and alcohol can have. You can talk to ‘frank’ about your concerns and you can look at other people’s experiences with substances.

Rise Above

RiseAbove is a website dedicated for your age group who are worried about anything from exam stress to parties, puberty to anxiety. The website can give you information on who to contact if you’re feeling low, and can give you advice on things that worry you and those around you.

We Are With You

We Are With You North East Lincolnshire provides free, confidential support to people who have issues with drugs, alcohol or mental health.