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As exams get closer, the word revision is heard a lot. It can be hard to find the motivation when you have so much to cram, and it’s easy to become stressed. Here are some revision tips to help you study:

  • Sit at a desk and in the right environment  – If you sit at a proper desk you will be able to act as though you are at college or school. Revising on your bed or on the floor could end up in distractions or snooze land. Don’t try and watch TV whilst revising either, put on some calm music and close the door, and surround yourself with notes.
  • Revise when it’s best for you – Don’t try and revise in the morning if you know you won’t take it all in. Sit down with your books when you have time, and will be able to concentrate more.
  • Start revising early – Although your exams may not be months away, the sooner you start revising the better you will feel about yourself. Make a timetable of when your exams are, and write down a plan of what subject you will revise for on which day.
  • Take short breaks – Every hour get up and walk around, grab a drink and then sit back down. If you sit down for too long you will start to lose concentration.
  • Stick revision notes around your room – Put them everywhere! Above your bed, on the walls, anywhere you will look. This way you will be surrounded by notes and will take them in.
  • Do lots of exam practice papers – This can help  you prepare for the type of questions the exam will ask you.
  • Don’t procrastinate – It’s so easy to become distracted by what’s in your room, or who is texting you. Put your phone aside, turn your TV off and revise. You won’t regret it.

If you are having trouble concentrating from books, here are two useful revision websites for GCSE and A level: Formally known as BBC Bitesize, this website has been around for years and is very useful for anyone still in school and reaching tough exams. – This is for A level revision and offers exam style revision. The website is used a lot by students.

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