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Losing somebody important is never easy, you may feel lost and alone especially if none of your friends have gone through anything similar.

Below are websites that are specific for people like you who need support after losing a loved one. Remember you’re not alone, and there are young people all over the world that know how you feel. If you are feeling emotions such as anxiety or depression, remember to tell your parent or guardian.

Grieving after losing a loved one:
Grieving is a natural part of bereavement, and everyone grieves differently. You will be feeling a mixture of sadness, shock, guilt, and anger. You have to let yourself go through these, and be sad.  You don’t need to feel guilty over the amount of time you spend grieving, or if you start to feel better. People around you will understand if you want time alone, but if you ever do need support your friends and family will always be there.

School Nursing confidential text service -In North East Lincolnshire there is a new service run by the school nursing team –  If you’re 11-16 years old TEXT your school nurse on 07507 331620 for confidential advice and support.

Finding support for bereavement: – Hope Again is a national charity that provides support, advice and information for young people when someone close to them dies. They offer a range of services for you to talk about anything you may feel upset, or confused about. This includes face to face and in groups, as well as telephone and email support.  The website will find your nearest hopeagain support group. – Cruse Bereavement Care is a charity that offers support to people that have recently lost someone they love. They have a telephone number you can call if you need to talk on 0808 808 1677, or email support. They also offer face to face and group support in local areas.  – Winston’s Wish is a charity that supports children and young people that are suffering from loss. Young people have their own page with telephone and email support. The charity often puts on events to let young people meet each other and are able to talk about their grief.