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For the first time

Getting through your teenage years can be a struggle at times. Especially if your friends seem to be advancing more than you. Don’t panic, everyone grows up differently!

As you get into your first relationship, go to parties, and meet new people, there may be questions you want answering but are too nervous to speak to your parents. Websites like RiseAbove and Childline have been created for this reason – they will understand, and help.

Remember, if you feel uncomfortable, don’t feel pressured into anything.


From exam stress to puberty RiseAbove has you covered on everything you need to know. It has YouTube videos about relationships, friendship problems, and alcohol. It also has a problems page, letting you speak to somebody if you are worried or upset.


Childline is a safe place that lets you talk to somebody whenever you need it. Whether it’s to ask them a question, or vent at 3am there will always be somebody there. Not only can you freephone, you can email, and online chat – whichever is the easiest, and safest way for you.


Nidirect is a website that offers advice on a variety of topics from healthy eating to cyber bullying. You can find information on how to manage money, and what rights you have as a young person in the workplace. It is a useful website to keep bookmarked, and to check when in need.