North East Lincolnshire Council

Safer relationships

Everyone deserves healthy relationships. Relationships include those with friends, with family or with a partner. You should feel safe and respected in any relationship. Do you know what makes a healthy relationship? Could you identify one that wasn’t? Below are websites which can help you answer these questions.

  • Riseabove – has everything you need to know about relationships. They have tips and advice from YouTubers and bloggers on love, sex, and  friendship problems.
  • The hideout gives information on being in a positive relationship, and understanding what isn’t.  In connection with Women’s Aid, a national charity that helps women dealing with domestic abuse. Hideout gives you helplines and websites to help you take action against domestic abuse.
  • Domestic abuse is a crime. It involves a man or a woman threatening, controlling and manipulating their victim. If you believe you are a victim of domestic abuse, you are not in a healthy relationship. The Humberside Police website gives you information and helplines you can call.

If you or someone you know is in immediate danger you should call the police.