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Safety tips on nights out

Your first night out or party will always be one to remember. You have no adult supervision and you and your friends just want to have a good time. However, sometimes there does have to be a limit. Here are some tips on how to have a good night, and not regret it in the morning.

  • Watch the pace – It’s not a race to see who can drink the most, and everyone has a different limit. You don’t need to catch up with your friends if they have had more than you. Drink the limit you know, and have a good time without waking up with no idea what happened the night before.
  • Eat something before you head out – Food helps slow the absorption of alcohol, meaning it won’t go to your head too quickly and you will be able to spend more of the night out with your friends and not becoming ill.
  • Plan how to get home – once you become intoxicated it’s easy to forget where you live and you can lose any sense of direction. Plan how you’re getting home, whether that’s with a friend getting the late bus, or catching a taxi. Remember to put some money aside for this so you don’t end up broke with no way of getting home.
  • Stick together – When you go out in a large group it’s easy to lose one or two of them as the night goes on. Maybe they found some of their other friends, or decided to go home early. Remember to arrange who is going home with you, and at least make sure you are always with one other person. This way you can keep an eye out on each other, and you won’t end up alone.
  • Make sure a taxi is a taxi – Always check before getting into a taxi. When it’s late at night and you have had one too many to drink, many people can take advantage. Before getting in, make sure you can see their I.D. and they have the local cab number somewhere on the taxi to prove they are from this area. If you are unsure, and wary never get into the taxi. Stay somewhere well-lit and ring a local taxi firm, that way you know the taxi is regulated.

Going out is fun, but it’s also good to remember these tips so you can get home safely, and not wake up with a headache instead of good memories.

For more tips on a night out, please visit the Humberside Police website.

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