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Staying safe online

With the newest technology it’s never been easier to be able to keep in contact with your friends. You can even meet new people from all over the world and speak to whoever you like. However, this can also come with a price if you don’t know who you’re actually speaking to. Here are some tips on staying safe online:

  • Don’t give out personal information – You wouldn’t tell a stranger on the street where you live, so why somebody on the internet?
  • Never give out bank details – If a stranger on the internet ever asks for money, and promises they will give you it back it’s usually a lie. Never give out your full bank account – if you truly believe the person you’re speaking to, there are other ways to transfer money such as PayPal.
  • Never send inappropriate images – Once they are in the hands of another person you can never get them back, and that person is able to do absolutely anything with those pictures. If they ever ask for a picture that you feel uncomfortable taking, block and tell your parents or the police immediately.
  • Never meet somebody from online on your own – If you have become friends with somebody from the internet, and you are certain it’s them (ask to see them in a video call) ask a parent or an adult to come with you. Always meet up in a public space, and only if you are comfortable.

Remember – If they ever ask you to keep your conversations a secret, or meet with them without telling anyone – ALWAYS tell your parents or an adult, and block them straight away.

For more information on staying safe online, or if you want to report somebody. Please visit the Humberside Police website.

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