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The Council and its regeneration partner, ENGIE, are currently seeking the views of residents on electric vehicles and to understand on possible future trends of EV in the area.

The purpose of this survey is to support Transport Officials in developing an EV strategy and to provide evidence of resident’s views on EV and future usage to support funding bids aiming to make North East Lincolnshire EV ready.

Local authorities across the country are taking part in similar work which is being driven by a number of key Government drivers including:

  • The Government announcement to ban new petrol and diesel cars from 2030
  • The Road to Zero – Department for Transport strategy on the next steps towards cleaner road transport and delivering the Government’s Industrial Strategy
  • Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution – Covering clean energy, transport, nature and innovative technologies – the Prime Minister’s blueprint for allowing the UK to forge ahead with eradicating its contribution to climate change by 2050.

To make sure North East Lincolnshire does not fall behind on the EV development, residents are asked to complete the survey to help support bids to funding bodies, showing a demand for EV facilities in the area and support in developing an EV Strategy which will be of the greatest benefit to local people.

More information about EV in North East Lincolnshire is available at

Share your views by completing the survey .

The way we engage with you on major highways projects has changed. Many of our intentions for future projects are published in our Highways Strategy or Infrastructure Delivery Plan. We are currently updating these documents and will be available in the near future. The projects published in these documents are intended to go ahead at some point in the future but will be subject to us securing grant funding for any upgrades.

We are taking comments and suggestions for projects that have not yet made it to the drawing board to give you the earliest opportunity to have your say. It is possible that your comments may not be used if a project never goes ahead or the opportunity to bid does not arise.

Any project that has grant funding approved will also go through a formal consultation process on the draft design. The process for these schemes is short, straightforward to follow and available here: Major Projects Engagement Process (PDF)

It also details how elected members are involved in the process.

You can submit your pre-bid comments on our highways major projects survey .

The Council is considering a landlord and tenant friendly Selective Licensing Scheme within parts of the East and West Marsh areas.

It is intended to tackle the issues of crime, anti-social behaviour and poor housing conditions. We are consulting with residents of the area, landlords and members of the public so this is an opportunity for you to influence how the scheme will be developed and carried out. Your views will be considered and will help to shape the decisions made about the scheme.

We would like to know about the issues you have experienced in these areas, what you think of the proposal as well as the areas suggested for Selective Licensing.

Changes made to the business case

We have made some minor amendments to the selective licensing business case and have extended the consultation. If you have already submitted a response you can make new representations based on these amendments to

You can find details of these changes within the business case.

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Drop in sessions

In the interest of public safety, we are cancelling all future drop in sessions.  Any queries can be raised direct with Jacqui Wells on 01472 324775 or email direct on

This consultation has been extended.

Why are we asking for your views

We know that some of the current services don’t fully meet the needs of our children and young people, so we want to hear from families about what is good and what needs to be better.

It’s important that no child is left out or left behind because of any difficulties with speaking, understanding, or communicating. We’re hearing from lots of different people who support children such as family hubs, nurseries and pre-schools, primary schools, secondary schools, hospital teams and many more. Together we want to improve services for children, so things are better both day to day and to help them reach their future goals.

Who is leading the work to improve services

To help us understand how things are now and where we can make improvements, we’ve set up a Strategic Speech, Language and Communication Need Group where many organisations are coming together to discuss these services.
We’ve also set up a number of working groups looking at particular services, such as services for children that are looked after, early years services (0-5 years), school age children (5-18 years), children with a hearing and vision impairment and children supported by Youth Justice services. These groups will tell us what works well and what needs to change.

We want to have a shared vision amongst families and people supporting children about what a good service is like, so that any changes come from what people tell us.
The Strategic Group meet every two months, so we’ll be updating you with the progress of this work after each meeting.

To take part in the consultation fill in the speech, language and communication service improvement questionnaire.

Learn more about this work please visiting NELC SEND Local Offer website.

We’re currently reviewing our Children’s Transport Services and we want to hear about the thoughts and experiences of those families that currently use transport paid for by North East Lincolnshire Council (NELC).

Parents and carers are legally responsible for making sure a child attends school. However, in some cases the local authority has a duty to support parents and carers with transport to school.

We have been working with parents to design this survey and it is specifically about the transport children use that is paid for by NELC. This could include going to and from school, family contact time and activities.

We would like to encourage you to complete this survey with your child present to help capture their views.

Children’s transport survey

If you need to speak to someone to give your views or ask any questions or you need a copy of the survey posting to you, you can ring the Engagement team on 01472 324380 or send an email to We can supply the survey in large print.

Survey closes 22 July 2022.

Grimsby Town Centre is to see major re-invention in the decade ahead – and as we progress with plans, we want to get more views from you, local people across North East Lincolnshire.

We have already gathered some evidence of what you would like to see, with past surveys completed by hundreds of people:

  • 438 local people took part in the 2020 Grimsby Masterplan consultation. You said you wanted to see ‘more green spaces and places to relax’, Riverhead Square as a community meeting place, better use of the waterfront, and more leisure opportunities. More news on the Riverhead is coming soon. 
  • In 2021 research was carried out, which included a survey about bus usage and 452 of you took part. You said you wanted a bus station in the town centre; improved bus shelters & better waiting facilities, measures to stop antisocial & inebriated behaviour, and improved live bus information and timetable presence.

In July, we will bid for monies from the Government’s Levelling Up Fund 2, (LUF) to further our work within Grimsby Town Centre. One bid will focus on leisure, retail, and entertainment developments. The other must relate directly to transport.

As we progress with these two bids, we will ask for your views again. However, what we want to do now is ask residents, business owners, workers, and visitors to the town centre of their further thoughts. Your answers will help to strengthen our two bids.

Transport and Leisure in Grimsby Town Centre survey

If you need to speak to someone to give your views or ask any questions or you need a copy of the survey posting to you, you can ring the Engagement team on 01472 324380 or send an email to We can supply the survey in large print.

Survey closes 4 July 2022.

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