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A18 road safety improvement – traffic management update

4:09 pm, Wednesday, 22nd September 2021 - 3 years ago


North East Lincolnshire Council and its regeneration partner, ENGIE, have undertaken a review of the temporary traffic management arrangements in place for the A18 road safety improvement scheme, following the introduction of the road closure on Monday 20 September.

In an effort to minimise disruption, highway officials will continually review the traffic management arrangements, including:

  • Enhanced monitoring and evaluation of the diversion route
  • Routine reviews of signage and locations to ensure the network can run as smoothly as possible
  • Continued engagement with stakeholders to understand concerns and issues along the diversion route and support them as much as possible

Councillor Stewart Swinburn, portfolio holder for environment and transport, said: “It was unfortunate on Monday that an incident on Bradley Road created an additional closure on our network, especially on the day the A18 works began.

“Unfortunately, the incident on Monday added strain to the remaining open routes and did create some disruption, as has been reported. Whilst I understand the inconvenience caused, we must all remember the vital road safety improvements being carried out on the A18 and not allow the construction period to dampen the importance. I would strongly encourage people to follow the official diversion route, which is clearly signposted, to avoid added pressure on other parts of the network.

“Accident data shows at this location that we must act, and alongside previous reports, the introduction of a roundabout at this location will bring a significant road safety improvement on the A18, alongside the other completed measures.

“Our partners and the contractor are continuing to work with stakeholders and regularly review the programme and timescales to speed up construction as much as possible. This £2.8m programme of improvements which started in January 2020 has been funded externally by the Department for Transport. The funding allows for required works to improve road safety along A18.   

“As the highway authority, we are taking steps to improve road safety and deliver the measures needed, I would ask you all to persevere with the works as we move ahead with the final phase of works and aim to deliver as quickly as possible.”

The decision to install a roundabout was made to reduce the number of accidents at this location, based on evidence gathered, the roundabout will slow the flow of vehicles and allow vehicles exiting Waltham safer entry to the A18. These works are a continuation of the phased works previously undertaken which have been funded through the Department for Transport Safer Roads Fund.  

As previously reported, the works are programmed to be complete before Christmas 2021, with ENGIE and CR Reynolds working closely to accelerate the programme where possible.

The road closure is in operation between the A18/A46 roundabout to the Ashby Hill roundabout. A closure will also be in place restricting access from Barnoldby le Beck to the A18.

Access for residents will be maintained and directly affected businesses are being engaged with regarding access requirements. 

HGVs will not be able to access the A18 during the closure and will be diverted to use the A46/A16.

The works are being managed and overseen by the council’s regeneration partner, ENGIE, with contractor, CR Reynolds, continuing to carry out the improvements.

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