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North East Lincolnshire Council uses reasonable efforts to include and update information on this website. It cannot, however, guarantee its accuracy or completeness. North East Lincolnshire Council, and other parties involved in creating and delivering this website’s contents, are not liable for any damages arising from the use of this site.

External links

Please note that external links from this website may include material produced by people and organisations not connected to North East Lincolnshire Council and material of a political nature. While reasonable care was taken when selecting it, North East Lincolnshire Council takes no responsibility for information contained on external links from this website and no guarantee or warrant can be given as to its accuracy or appropriateness. We are not the data controller for Council data held on third party sites that are not under our control.

Copyright information

All pages, documents and graphics within the domain are © North East Lincolnshire Council, unless otherwise stated. Data which has been gathered and included in these pages by North East Lincolnshire Council may be used for the purposes of personal or educational use or private research only, but not for any commercial purpose. Find out more on the Reusing our information page.


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Roadworks Information provided by Elgin. Roadworks Information Database Right copyright © ELGIN. Roadworks Information may contain NTCC Traffic Data copyright © Highways Agency. Roadworks Information may contain TfL Transport Data copyright © Transport for London. Roadworks Information may contain Ordnance Survey data and database rights © Crown copyright. Provision of Roadworks Information is made without any warranty as to the content or accuracy of the data.

Personal data

North East Lincolnshire Council as a data controller is committed to being transparent in its processing of personal data to meet its legal obligations and provide our services. Find our more on the Privacy Notice page.

In accordance with our responsibilities as a data controller, we will ensure that personal data is only published on our website when necessary and to meet a lawful purpose, and that any personal data published is accurate and removed when no longer required to meet business or legal requirements. Information, including personal data from our website may be copied by third parties and republished on other websites. North East Lincolnshire Council do not have any control over this content, and any requests for the removal of this personal data would need to be made direct to the website concerned.