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Bins and recycling

Collection dates

Check when we empty your bins and recycling.

What goes in your rubbish and recycling

Check what goes in your green, grey, brown, and blue bins.

Missed collection

How to leave your bins ready to be emptied and let us know if your collection has been missed.

Garden waste

Sign up, change your collection address, opt out or read about composting at home.

Repair or replace bins

Swap your household rubbish bin for one that is bigger or smaller, let us know if your bins or boxes need repairing or pay for a replacement bin.

Community recycling centres (the tips)

CRC or the tip, household waste declaration form, and find your nearest recycling point or bring to site.

Household rubbish and recycling

What to do with extra rubbish, new builds and clinical waste.

Assisted collections

Find out if you’re eligible for assisted collections and how to register

Bulky waste

View the list of collectable items, book a bulky waste collection and other ways to dispose of your large items.

What happens to your rubbish and recycling

Read the journey of recycling and our improvement targets.

Business waste

Advice for business owners about commercial waste.

Recycling education

Free talks and resources for schools and community groups about Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and how to help our environment.