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Recycling education

Recycling is the process of taking used items and breaking them down and making new items from the used material.

More and more people are recycling. Recycling helps the planet by reducing how many new materials are extracted from our planet. It also reduces how much rubbish ends up damaging our planet and wildlife as litter and waste. Together, we can make a difference to the future of our planet.

Free educational visits for community groups and schools

Would your school or community group like to know more about recycling and how we can all individually make a difference to our environment?

Our Environmental Education team have visited various schools and community groups across North East Lincolnshire to deliver their presentation about recycling, waste, and our environment.

Some schools/groups we have visited include:

  • Schools – primary, secondary, academies, colleges, alternative education academies
  • Children’s groups – Cubs, Beavers, Brownies, Rainbows
  • After school clubs and holiday clubs
  • Church groups/friendship groups
  • Women’s Institute groups

If you are interested in the Environmental Education team delivering a free presentation about recycling, waste and our environment via a video link or an in-person visit, or are interested in them attending your event, please contact [email protected].

Here’s what the headteacher of East Ravendale C of E Primary School had to say about their visit:

“Jenny and Eve spent half a day in school talking with the council, explaining how recycling works in NE Lincolnshire, why it is important and ways we could get involved. The children all found it extremely informative, and [they] were both able to talk to the children on their level, making all the facts really interesting. Having Jenny and Eve in school has really ignited the school council’s passion for recycling and their understanding of why it is important. We are very grateful for their support and look forward to working with them in the future, with class groups who are studying environmental issues.”

Headteacher at East Ravendale C of E Primary School