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Recycling education

More and more people are recycling because they realise that it helps the planet by reducing how many new materials have to be extracted from our planet and by reducing how much rubbish ends up poisoning our planet as landfill and litter.

In 2020, North East Lincolnshire Council brought out new larger recycling bins to encourage people to recycle more and in March 2021 we started accepting more plastic items (tubs, trays, and pots). For more information on what we accept in your bins follow this link.

We would like everyone to be involved in increasing their recycling and learning about recycling can start from a young age. We, in the Environmental Education team at the Council have created some resources to help get children more involved in saving our planet too.

The following activities can be used at home or in school, you just need to be able to download them and print them out or some can be viewed on a screen.

Recycling activities

Sorting rubbish

Cut and stick activity – sort common rubbish items into the correct bin

Introduction to activity (Word, 27KB)

Activity sheet – note: The third page is the solution (PDF, 3MB)

Sorting rubbish activity text only version (suitable for users of assistive technologies or users who cannot print or cut) (Word, 29KB)

Reward chart

Reward chart – Looking after the environment (PDF, 264KB)

Rubbish and recycling quiz

Rubbish and Recycling Quiz (Word, 29KB)

Answers for Rubbish and Recycling Quiz (Word, 28KB)

School visits and presentations

If you are interested in the Environmental Education team delivering a presentation about recycling and other environmental topics via video link or an in-person visit, please contact and include ‘FAO Education Team’ in the subject line.