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What goes in your bins and recycling


Contaminated bins

If your rubbish is in the wrong colour bin, it becomes contaminated. The crew will put a red tag on the bin and it will not be emptied. Please take the contaminated item out of the bin, and then take the red tag off. This lets the bin crew know you’ve removed the item and your rubbish can be collected as usual!

By making sure your rubbish is sorted into the right bin, you are helping to ensure our recycling isn’t rejected, turning rubbish into new substances or materials instead.

Extra rubbish or recycling will not be taken, it will be put back in your container for the next collection.

We only accept the items listed below, anything else must be disposed of in your household waste or at the recycling centre.

Which colour bin?

Head to A to Z directory of waste for more types of rubbish and recycling, and how to properly dispose of them.

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Contact details

Waste services hotline

Telephone: 01472 326288, option 1

Telephone opening times: Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5pm, except bank holidays