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Missed collections

On your collection day your bins must be outside your property or at the agreed collection point before 7am. Don’t put any extra rubbish out with your bin because it won’t be taken.

Crews can’t empty your bin if they are:

  • not presented for collection
  • overflowing
  • too heavy
  • contaminated with the wrong rubbish or recycling
  • unable to be collected because a vehicle has blocked access

Report a missed collection

We review all reported missed collections and if your bins were found to be missed for a reason, crews will not return until your next collection date.

You can report missed collections from 2:30pm until the following midday.

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Contact details

Waste services hotline

Telephone: 01472 326288, option 1

Telephone opening times: Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5pm, except bank holidays