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Alleyways in North East Lincolnshire are privately owned, and the responsibility for keeping them clean is with all residents that back and side onto them.

We can only assist with alley clearance if the waste is a public health issue or if it restricts access for a disabled person.

Gated alleyways

To enquire about having a gated alleyway then please contact your ward councillor.


To report fly-tipping in the area complete our Fly-tipping form.

If fly-tipping is occurring and there is enough evidence, the Council can take enforcement action. But if the problem is general waste and the Council can’t identify an individual responsible, all residents of adjoining properties may be held collectively responsible.

Please remember that alleyways in North East Lincolnshire are private land and the responsibility for keeping them clean lies with all residents that have access over them.

Abandoned wheelie bin

If you wish to report an abandoned wheelie bin then please contact 01472 326288 option 1.

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Contact details

Report fly-tipping

Telephone: 01472 326300 option 3

Call centre opening times: Monday to Friday 8.30 am to 5 pm, except bank holidays