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Household Support Grant

The Department for Work and Pensions has allocated the Council funding to support households over the winter period with food, utility, and other essential costs.

If you are facing hardship, you can get help with your household costs. The organisations on this page can help you to access support through the Household Support Fund. The priority group for October 2022 through to March 2023 is people in work struggling to meet their household bills, but other households can apply if they can provide evidence of need. Support for people on benefits is also being provided by the Government through energy payments. If you are struggling to meet your household bills, whether in work or not please contact one of the organisations listed below.

Applying for the Household Support Grant

Anyone can apply for this funding via our partner organisations in the Voluntary and Community Sector. You will need to answer questions about your income, earnings and savings. You also need to give proof of your financial situation which may include copies of bank and benefit statements.

The fund can help pay for:

  • white goods
  • winter clothing and footwear
  • general living expenses such as groceries, nappies, toiletries and money for pay-as-you-go and other fuel meters
  • in exceptional circumstances funding may be given for emergency boiler repairs or emergency works needed to keep a house warm. You will need to provide evidence from a recognised independent organisation that the work is needed and a quote for the works will need to be provided from a registered company / organisation

The organisations that are working in partnership with us are:

  • Lincolnshire Housing Partnership (for LHP residents only)
  • Centre4
  • Foresight
  • Oasis (for households with children that attend Oasis schools)
  • Carers Support Centre (for registered carers)
  • Navigo (for Navigo service users only)
  • CPO (Creating Positive Opportunity)

These organisations may also be able to help you with other support, including debt and housing advice.

Citizens’ Advice

Citizens’ Advice can provide advice on a range of issues. You can get get help online at Citizens Advice North East Lincolnshire.

Our delivery plan for October 2022 to March 2023

We will use the money given to us by the DWP to provide the following support:

  1. Funding for children eligible for free school meals to cover food costs over the Christmas holidays (this will automatically be given and you can not apply for this)
  2. An extension of our Market Voucher Scheme, encouraging the use of our local markets to access fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and eggs.
  3. Direct payments to households – we may give grants to some households that are most affected by rising food and utility costs, this may include people that rely of medical equipment to live at home. This will be a direct payment and you cannot apply for this support.
  4. We may provide funding to local food providers to ensure that they have sufficient food to meet the demand over the winter months
  5. We will run a referral scheme as outlined above from October to December, we will monitor take up during this time and may move to a direct application process if required. If we decide to introduce an open application process it will not be in place until at least January 2023. The referral scheme may remain open until 31st March 2023.