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Household Support Grant

Household Support Grant is open

The Household Support Grant scheme, funded by the Department of Work and Pensions, is now open to North East Lincolnshire residents over 16 years of age to provide support to households in most need this winter as the economy recovers. The maximum grant available is £250.

To receive a grant the household must be able to show that it does not have sufficient income to afford food, energy and water bills. Funding can be used to support households who are struggling to afford wider essentials such as broadband or phone bills, clothing, and essential transport-related costs. To be eligible the household will need to provide evidence that it has an income of less than £20,000 and have savings of less than £500.

Applications can be made through the following referral partners:

  • Centre 4
  • West Marsh Development Trust (West marsh residents only)
  • The Equality Practice Grimsby Institute
  • Carers Support (For Carers or customers on their database)
  • Standguide (for those seeking employment only)
  • Foresight
  • Navigo (for Navigo service users only)
  • Fisherman’s Mission

The referral partners will also be able to signpost to other help that may be available to support households that are struggling financially.

This funding is only a short term solution, so it’s important that anyone who is struggling gets in touch with local services so they can access longer-term support, including help with budgeting, debt-management, home energy and other issues to help maximise income and reduce bills.

About the Household Support Grant

The Household Support Grant (HSG) Scheme is funded from one-off central Government funding announced by the Department or Work and Pensions on 30 September 2021, it enables local authorities to provide financial support to households most in need over the winter months. The scheme will run to 31 March 2022, or until funding has been fully spent.

The council has agreed an approach that focusses on 3 elements:

  • Free school meal costs over the school holidays from Christmas through to Easter
  • Small grants to frontline Voluntary and Community Organisations to give to people working with them who are facing hardship
  • An application process through trusted referral agencies and frontline public sector services to enable households in need of support to receive a grant.

Further information is available in the Household Support Grant Cabinet Report.

At least 50% of the total funding must be spent on families with children. Regarding the type of support, the expectation is that the HSG should primarily be used to support households in the most need with food, energy and water bills.