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Waste end destinations

Type of wasteDestinationEnd use
White goodsJonathan Potts Limited (scrap merchants)Tata SteelHazardous materials removed, steel and plastic shredded and recycled.(Valpak compliance scheme )
Small electrical itemsSIMS Group LimitedReused or recycled(Valpak compliance scheme )
RubbleBIFFA waste servicesH Copes & Sons waste managementRubbles is screened, crushed and graded then sold within the UK for road repairs and construction.
PlasterboardClarkesons recyclingComposted
CeramicsBIFFA waste servicesLandfill
Plastics (building materials)BIFFA waste servicesLandfill
Gas bottles / compressed gasCalor shopRefilled
AsbestosAugean PLCLandfill is the only legal final destination.
Clinical wasteRentokil initialTradebe healthcareIncineration
Waste oilsSlicker recyclingReturning to its original formulation or recycled into industrial fuel.
LogsClarkesons recyclingLocal on farm composting or reused by members of the public.
Scrap metalJonathan Potts Limited (scrap merchants)Tata SteelMelted down and turned into new metal products.
Wooden palletsClarkesons recyclingReused or chipped and reused in panel board manufacturing.
Road sweepingClarkesons recyclingGo PlantWashed and screened for composting green waste, remains are used in road building or mixed with salt for gritting.
TyresVellco LimitedSorted and cleaned before shredding and processed into new rubber products for surfaces such as play areas.
Wood, timber, MDF and wooden furnitureClarkesons recyclingReused in panel board manufacturing.
Bulky furnitureBiffa waste servicesLandfill
TexttilesTom W Beaumont BatleyGood quality items sold to various markets.Lower quality items are processed into industrial cleaning cloths, furniture filling or insulation for the automotive industry.
Car batteriesJonathan Potts (scrap merchant)Lead is extracted and reused in the production of new batteries and other lead based products.
Household batteriesMercury recycling limitedRecovered nickel and steel is used in the steel industry.Cadmium and cobalt are reused in battery manufacturing.Recovered silver is used in the photographic and electronics industry.Mercury is reused in the lighting industry.(Valpak compliance scheme )
Cooking oilLiving fuels limitedNatural settling and filtering used cooking oil is transformed into an end of waste bio liquid used in eco-friendly power stations In the UK.
Fridge / freezersEnvironcom England limitedIf  unsuitable for reuse , they are processed every through a recycling plant.Harmful refrigerants and blowing agents are collected.Processed fridge components become ready to make into new products.
TelevisionsEnvironcom England limitedReusable goods are tested and sold.TVs are dismantled, the glass and plastics are separated and recycled.Glass sand is produced and used in the building trade.
Ink cartridgesInk & Toner recyclingMost ink cartridges are reusable, any that can’t be refilled are recycled.
Fluorescent tubesMercury recycling limitedComponents of fluorescent tubes are separated and recycled or reused in different industries.
ShoesSOEX (charity)Reusable shoes are sold.TVs are dismantled, the glass and plastics are separated and recycled.
Waste oils, fuel oils and unidentified waste oilsLincolnshire waste oilRecycled or reused in different UK industries.
Abandoned shopping trolleysTrolleywiseReturned to shop
Vehicle batteriesLincolnshire waste oilRecycled or reused in different UK industries.