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Children’s disability service

The Children’s Disability Service (CDS), like Family Information Services, will provide you with information about universal services and more specialist groups that can offer support, without the need for an assessment.

CDS undertake assessments of need and parents/carers of children with disabilities can ask for an assessment if the universal services are unable to meet their needs. There is an eligibility criteria to access certain services for which an assessment is needed.

Following the assessment, a support plan will be agreed with the child and family, this may include direct provision of services of a direct payment.

The CDS will review the support plan regularly with the emphasis being on promoting inclusion, meeting identified outcomes and support the family as a whole.

If you have a concern about the welfare of safety of a child, please contact the Families First Action Point on 01472 326292 (option 2).

How to access support

If you wish to know more about what support is available for a child or young person with additional needs, please contact our Children’s Disability Service (CDS) on 01472 326292 (option 5).

Assessment of needs

Children with disabilities are automatically defined as ‘children in need’

Children with disabilities are defined as those children and young people, aged 0 – 18 years of age, whose daily lives are substantially affected by one or more of the following:

  • A hearing impairment
  • A visual impairment
  • A learning disability
  • A physical disability
  • A chronic/life threatening physical illness
  • A communication disorder (including autism)

You, as a parent or carer of a child with a disability, as defined above, can ask for an assessment of their child’s needs.

You are also eligible for an assessment of your own needs. This will usually be carried out at the same time as the assessment of your child’s needs. It will include consideration of health, social care and educational needs.

An early assessment can be completed by any professional involved with your child at your request or with your consent.

Our services

There is a range of services available to children and families assessed as needing them. This includes:

  • North East Lincolnshire Council Short Break Services, including care in the home, sitters, overnight care
  • Assistants to support in accessing leisure activities
  • Holiday play schemes
  • Care at home, including sitter services
  • Some aids and adaptations

You also have the option of receiving a direct payment as an alternative to social care services provided by the council. This is a cash payment paid directly to you, so that you have the freedom to arrange and pay for services that you need.

Eligibility for services

After an assessment, the level of service required to meet those needs is determined by taking into account a range of factors:

  • Child’s needs
  • Child’s abilities
  • Strengths and needs of parents/carers
  • Impact of caring for the child on the family
  • Support available to the family
  • Support available to the child
  • Home environment
  • Child’s social networks

Access to services

Following the assessment, a support plan will be completed with your family. This gives the opportunity for you and your child to tailor the support around your identified needs.

Where access to services that need to be paid for by North East Lincolnshire Council is required, the disability resource allocation group (RAS) will make a decision about resources.


There will be a review of your support plan and services provided at least once a year to ensure that the needs identified in the assessment are being met.

Service allocation may change as your child and family’s needs change, with services being reduced, increased or replaced as appropriate.

Complaints, comments and compliments

If you wish to make a complaint about the service you receive, or would like to pass on a positive comment you can contact our Complaints, compliments and suggestions team. For more information go to our Complaints, compliments and suggestions page.

Contact details

Children’s Disability Service, Civic Offices, Cleethorpes, North East Lincolnshire, DN35 8LN

Telephone: 01472 326292 (option 5)