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Cleethorpes Town Hall gets life-saving defibrillator

2:36 pm, Wednesday, 13th October 2021 - 3 years ago

Council information and partnerships

A lifesaving piece of equipment has been installed at Cleethorpes Town Hall by the trustees of the site.

Defibrillators can mean the difference between life and death for anyone suffering from a cardiac arrest and in recent years there has been a greater effort by community groups and businesses to install more of the devices in public places.

Now, a new defibrillator has been installed at the town hall in Cleethorpes, which hosts numerous civic events and weddings, as well as being home to the registrars and coroners court.

Councillor Keith Brookes, ward Councillor for Haverstoe and trustee of the Town Hall, said: “These bits of kit can save a lot of lives. The trustees of the town hall have been eager to get one installed at the site for some time.

“The site is home to the coroners court as well as being the venue for weddings and alike. People can become very emotional, so it’s good practice to have a defib nearby.

“This isn’t just for those on site or visiting the town hall to use. It’s available for people in the surrounding area to use too. If anyone has a cardiac arrest near the town hall, this could potentially save their life.”

Councillor Stan Shreeve, deputy leader of North East Lincolnshire Council and portfolio holder for assets, said: “I’m really pleased to see that the trustees have arranged for this vital piece of equipment to be installed at the Town Hall.

“It’s not an exaggeration to say that this defibrillator could save a lot of lives. Anyone could suffer a cardiac arrest at any time, so it’s important that one of these is nearby.”

The defibrillator has a what’s known as a rescue kit by the manufacturer, which makes the procedure of defibrillating a patient easier.

The machine can also connect to the internet to raise a signal when the machine is used and when things like the battery need replacing.

The trustees and staff at the town hall have been offered training to use the equipment.

If you need a defibrillator in an emergency, a 999-operator will usually give you the location of the kit nearest to your location and explain how to operate it.

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