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Council CCTV helps with over 500 incidents across borough in three months

6:00 pm, Sunday, 19th May 2024 - 3 weeks ago


North East Lincolnshire Council’s CCTV network has helped with 563 incidents so far this year.

With over 130 cameras in operation across the borough, operatives have been able help locate people reported as missing as well as capturing crimes being committed.

Of the 563, 190 were incidents where cameras captured the events as they were happening and emergency services were notified. Additionally, from January to March, the Council were asked to supply retrospective footage to Humberside Police on 92 occasions.

Throughout the period, cameras recorded 53 assaults amongst a number of other crimes.

In March alone, the cameras were involved in 209 occasions where emergency services had been called.

The first incident of the year captured a man trying to break into a shop with a weapon in the Grimsby’s East Marsh. Using the cameras, the Council were able to give Humberside Police constant updates of his location after he fled the scene, leading to his arrest.

The network was also used to help in the arrest of a male and female who were spotted spraying graffiti on one of the lions in Weelsby Woods as well as on Garth Lane Bridge.

Other incidents involved helping locate a high-risk person in the Freshney and East Marsh areas of Grimsby. The cameras helped to identify and locate the person in question, allowing updates to be provided to Humberside Police officers who were out looking for them.

In March, footage led to the arrest of three youths who were allegedly trying to break into a newsagent in Grimsby. Later that month, the cameras helped police to track down a vehicle known to be supplying drugs in the borough.

Speaking about the success, Councillor Ron Shepherd, Portfolio Holder for Safer and Stronger Communities, said: “It’s great to see how much of an impact our cameras have had.

“They are an invaluable resource not only to us, but to the emergency services who rely on them for their investigations and incidents.

“However, none of this would be possible without the hard work of our operatives monitoring the cameras. The team are the unsung heroes of our CCTV network and the work they do is essential in helping to keep the borough safe.”

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