North East Lincolnshire Council

Town and Parish

Town, Village and Parish Council Charter

The town/parish and village councils and North East Lincolnshire Borough Council have published a charter which sets out how they aim to work together for the benefit of local people.

This Charter recognises the benefits of working in partnership and is underpinned by the shared principles of openness, mutual respect, honesty, responsibility, transparency and accessibility. The Charter provides a framework for working together based on improved communication and understanding as well as clarity regarding roles and responsibilities.

The Charter sets out how the Council will seek to promote local community life, provide practical support to town, parish and village councils whenever practicable and engage in planning processes. It provides a commitment to afford the Town/Parish and Village Councils the opportunity to comment before making any decision which affects their area and defines expectations in terms of information sharing.

The Charter is reviewed every three years and the Council has committed to its active promotion and distribution, reminding all officers (including partners delivering services on behalf of  the Council) to adhere to the principle and meaning of the Charter.

Parish Councils in North East Lincolnshire

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