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Creating great opportunities across North East Lincolnshire

2:06 pm, Wednesday, 27th September 2023 - 8 months ago


Channelling our Creative Energy:  A new vision for Culture and Heritage’ for North East Lincolnshire and the new brand, which leaves ‘Grimsby Creates’  behind, is now poised to galvanise local creatives and take them, as well as stakeholders and the public, in a fresh direction that will champion the sector.

Brand new funding opportunities were released to the creative sector at the launch of Create North East Lincolnshire last night. (Tuesday 26 September),

Building on the success of Grimsby Creates over the last three years, and following a successful bid to the Arts Council England, the work has been expanded to cover the whole of North East Lincolnshire for the next three years under the banner of Create North East Lincolnshire.

The team that has helped facilitate a new lease of creative energy in the borough will be staying the same, working to deliver our Creativity Strategy for North East Lincolnshire.

Three brand new funding pots have been launched – two that support new commissions and one that supports creatives in the borough to build on their development.

The main focus of the funding pots is to help focus on three strands from the Creativity Strategy: Children and Young People, Green and Sustainable, and Digital.

The new commissions strand involves two grant streams: for small projects (£500-£1,500) and large projects (£1,500-£7,500) to deliver new, one-off, non-profit creative projects in the borough. With no match funding required, these are great starter grants that will help people put on activities or develop creative ideas. Activities could include: original creative and artistic activities in dance, music, theatre, festivals, literature, poetry, design, fashion, food, visual arts, crafts, film, photography, publishing, radio, TV, gaming and more.

Meanwhile, the Development Fund is available for local creatives to apply into to help them develop themselves and channel that creative energy. This could, for example, be used to support exchange visits, workshop attendance, or support mentoring or training.

Additionally, the Creative Match funding, backed by the UK Shared Prosperity Fund, is available for creatives to apply for to provide up to £5,000 or 10% match if they are submitting bids to other funding organisations such as Arts Council England or Heritage Fund.

Cllr Hayden Dawkins, Cabinet member for Culture, said: “The legacy of Grimsby Creates is palpable. To be able to expand this great programme to the whole of the borough has been a target for some years, and to see it underway is great news for all our local creatives.”

If you want to find out more, there’s plenty of options:

  • – Creative Drop in – first Thursday of every month. October’s will be at Projekt Renewable next to the Grimsby Fishing Heritage Centre on 5 October from 9am to 12 noon.
  • – Creative Drop in extra – at The Grumpy Kitchen in Cleethorpes on 9 October from 9am to 12 noon.
  • – Online session via Teams on Monday 9th October from 5pm to 6pm. To be added to the invite list, please email [email protected].

Meanwhile, don’t forget to get involved: the next few events are:

Edible Grimsby, on 7 October – a great project involving community groups is returning to Grant Thorold Park and The Canopy this year with a smaller event in readiness for the 2024 growing season, @ediblegrimsby / Edible Grimsby | Facebook

Our Future Starts Here: 21 October and 27 October: Grimsby town centre at Projekt Renewable, next to the Grimsby Fishing Heritage Centre. / Our Future Starts Here – Creativity & Innovation In Grimsby or @theculturehouseGY



Being a “priority place” is worth it… | NELC (

Creative Programme delivery

NELC were successfully awarded Place Partnership Funding (PPF) of £450,000 in June 2023.  The intention and aim of the PPF is to continue creative programme activity, building upon purposeful and inspirational creative content commissioned by Grimsby Creates (CDF) exploring themes as outlined in NEL’s Creativity Strategy (adopted March 2022). Our ambition is to share stories in order to celebrate our past and help shape our future as they have the power to change perceptions, encourage visitors and attract investment. Furthermore, we will use creativity to show people, both within the area and beyond, the impact that our borough has had and continues to have on the rest of the world.

Create North East Lincolnshire

A new brand to replace ‘Grimsby Creates’ has been commissioned by North East Lincolnshire Council. It has been developed by a local team, led by Hemingway Design.  Cleethorpes designer Sean Rodwell created the brand following development work carried out by the team, which included Wayne Hemingway, The Culture House and Grimsby creative studio Spruce.

Following a series of consultations with the sector and stakeholders, the team has developed:

  • a set of values for Create North East Lincolnshire which provides a foundation for all of its future work
  • new branding that will be used across all communications platforms and that is available for use by North East Lincolnshire’s Creativity Board and the sector
  • this campaign to announce the new brand, showcase local creativity and highlight the breadth of cultural activity happening in the town

In addition to this, content for the campaign including photography and video has been produced by local creatives, commissioned by the team all produced with the purpose of shining a spotlight on the wealth of talent that exists here.

The Create North East Lincolnshire campaign has been designed to align with North East Lincolnshire’s Creativity Strategy and will highlight through a diverse range of coverage on multiple platforms, the ‘nine stories’ that the strategy references (as these will be a focus for cultural delivery over the coming years).

The nine creativity stories that these assets are based on are:

  • The role Grimsby, Cleethorpes, Immingham and the Wolds play in the world
  • The Sea
  • The Coast
  • Green space, The Wolds, ecology and biodiversity
  • Sustainable energy and environmental responsibility
  • Welcoming visitors
  • Food and drink
  • Local people, industry, trades, innovations and achievements
  • Historic buildings, public spaces and landscapes

The campaign also aligns to the three Creativity Strategy outcomes:

  • Creative Economy
  • Creative Working
  • Creativity for All

All campaign messaging, selected content and commissions are designed to reflect and convey the creativity strategy, as well as the Create NEL’s new values, with a focus on:

Channelling our Creative Energy

The strategy itself announced ‘a new vision for Culture and Heritage’ (for North East Lincolnshire) and the new brand, which leaves ‘Grimsby Creates’ (old brand) behind is now poised to galvanise local creatives and take them as well as stakeholders and the public (although it is not necessarily a public-facing brand) in a fresh direction championing the sector.

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