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Depot refurbishment works get underway

12:15 pm, Monday, 17th January 2022 - 2 years ago


Demolition and site clearance works start this week to make way for the refurbishment of North East Lincolnshire Council’s Doughty Road Depot in Grimsby.

Planning permission for the transformation was granted last week and contractors start site preparation works from Monday 17 January.

These first works include removing asbestos from some of the buildings that are no longer needed and then demolishing them.

NELC and its regeneration partner EQUANS are combining all their depot services in Doughty Road to update the facilities and bring more of their workers into the town centre.

They currently have two depots for operational services. One site is in Gilbey Road, the other is in Doughty Road.

These sites are for services such as waste and recycling, highway maintenance, fleet management, street cleansing, security, civil enforcement, property maintenance, licensing, grounds maintenance and ecology.

One of the main changes proposed in the site refurbishment is a new main entrance into Peaks Parkway, at the junction with B&Q and Halfords.

Most vehicles will enter and leave the site via this new entrance, meaning less traffic using the Doughty Road entrance.

Also planned in the first phase is a new grounds maintenance building, extensions to the existing garages, a new weighbridge and road surfacing.

This first phase of works is due to be completed by 15 July 2022 and contractors will work hard to keep disruption to a minimum. The full refurbishment is due for completion in early to mid-2023.

Aerial view of Doughty Road Depot.

The depot remains active while the works are carried out with areas secured and fenced off during the different construction phases.

Cllr Stewart Swinburn, portfolio holder for Environment and Transport at NELC, said:

“Doughty Road Depot is becoming outdated and needs to be redeveloped to cater for the services that will be based there.

“Bringing our depots together on one site will reduce our property maintenance costs, improve service efficiency and provide good quality facilities for the workforce.

“The property improvements will also help us improve the energy efficiency of our buildings and move toward a zero-emissions vehicle fleet.”


Visualisation of the solar panel canopy in the depot car park.

Several energy-saving measures will be introduced at your new Doughty Road Depot to help limit our impact on the environment.

One example will see rainwater collected from the roofs of the depot buildings and stored in a holding tank near the new lorry washing station. This rainwater will be treated and filtered so it can be used to clean vehicles in the new lorry wash and jet washing stations.

Plans also include air source heat pumps, a solar panel car park canopy, vehicle charging points and battery storage for the Council’s growing number of electric vehicles.

The Council is also looking at ways to reuse and recycle as many materials as possible when demolition and building work starts. Contractors will separate demolition waste into different types for recycling or disposal.

As well as recycling materials such as timber and metal, we want to reuse as much demolition rubble as possible by crushing it on site to make hardcore. This will help reduce the number of lorries leaving and entering the site

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