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Did someone say HolidayRider?

10:02 am, Friday, 9th February 2024 - 2 weeks ago

Roads, parking and transport

From this February half-term, the HolidayRider will return and will be available for anyone under 19 years of age to receive unlimited bus travel for just £1.50 a day!

The HolidayRider ticket is available to buy on board, online or on the Stagecoach app.  It can be purchased the day after school ends for the holiday until the day before school resumes, starting on Saturday 10 February, at the beginning of this half term break.

The ticket can be used on all Stagecoach buses in the North East Lincolnshire borough.

This great offer aims to provide young adults with cheaper travel during their school holidays, whether that’s going to the cinema, down to the beach, or grabbing a coffee with friends in Freshney Place.

The HolidayRider scheme first launched in 2012 and during that summer over 21,630 tickets were sold, equating to a total saving of £30,282 for young people. The current Young Person Day Rider fare costs £2.70 meaning young people will save £1.20 per a ticket during the holidays. 

The initiative is funded by the Department for Transport under the Bus Service Improvement Plan. The new ticket is available for a limited time only, subject to uptake on these tickets as well as funding.

Lani Lamming, Enhanced Quality Partnership Co-ordinator at Equans, said: “The HolidayRider makes travel more affordable for young adults during the holidays, allowing them to spend less on travel and more on their activities instead. I remember using the HolidayRider myself, back in the day.”

Councillor Stewart Swinburn, Portfolio Holder for Environment and Transport, commented: “We are constantly trying to provide better and cheaper bus fare options for people in the borough. Travelling by bus not only helps to reduce congestion around the town, but it’s also a sustainable method of transport that emits lower carbon emissions compared to standard cars.

“This initiative is great for young people as they move around the region and enjoy their holiday breaks.”

Oliver Dyson, Co-Chair of the Young Advisors National Charity Trustee Board, said “The HolidayRider started after a consultation with young people to find out what they wanted us to do about transport in the area.  One of the things that came out was cheaper transport in general, but then after a meeting with Stagecoach it was looked at to be during half-term when young people are more likely to use the bus, so the HolidayRider was born. 

Even though I am too old to use the HolidayRider now, whenever I hear a young person requesting it I think, I helped make that happen, and take great pride in that. Also, the fact that it is still the same price of £1.50 as it was when it started out 12 years ago and is saving young people money to get around the area, is fantastic.”

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