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Eleanor Street traffic management – update

3:13 pm, Tuesday, 4th October 2022 - 2 years ago


North East Lincolnshire Council and its regeneration partner, EQUANS, are reopening both lanes on Ellis Way in Grimsby, from tomorrow, Wednesday 5 October.

The closure of one lane on Ellis Way was introduced as a safety precaution following the fire at the Art College on Eleanor Street. The changes to the traffic management on Ellis Way will see the lane closure withdrawn and two lanes of traffic will be reinstated to assist in mitigating congestion.

Leading up to the Hainton Square junction on Ellis Way, the left-hand lane will be for left-turning traffic only (traffic heading down Freeman Street) and the right-hand lane will be for straight-on traffic (heading to Eleanor Street) and right-turn for traffic turning right (heading to Hainton Avenue).

Amendments to the existing road markings and traffic management on Ellis Way will be made overnight today, Tuesday 4 October.

The decision to remove traffic management on Ellis Way follows feedback at the council’s listening event that took place on Thursday 22 October at Grimsby’s Central Hall. The council and EQUANS understand that motorists have experienced congestion and have therefore reviewed the traffic management and adjusted accordingly. This has not been done sooner as a previous review of the traffic management expected certain work to be carried out by the owner. This work has been delayed and having further considered the congestion in the area, a temporary amendment will be made to alleviate the issues motorists are experiencing, while we await an update from the owner on works yet to be carried out. The work is the legal responsibility of the owner, not the council.

The traffic management on Eleanor Street will remain the same and the lane closure remains necessary to ensure public safety.

The council and EQUANS would like to thank you for your patience and your co-operation during this time.

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