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Get planning your Coronation activities!

10:04 am, Monday, 6th March 2023 - 1 year ago


The Coronation of King Charles III on May 6, 2023, is an exciting event for the United Kingdom, and it is a great opportunity for children to learn about their country’s history and traditions.

According to the official resources on, there are many ways in which you can get involved and learn about this historic event, including:

  • Download the official Coronation Playlist from Spotify
  • Have a go at some of the Coronation themed recipes available from the official website, including a strawberry and ginger trifle and a roast rack of lamb.

But here’s some other ideas for younger children to have a go at!

  • Create Crafts – Children can create crafts such as crowns, flags, or banners to celebrate the Coronation. They can use coloured paper, paint, and stickers to create unique designs.
  • Dress-up – Children can dress up as kings, queens, or princesses to join in the celebrations. Parents can use materials like cardboard, glitter, and fabric to make costumes.
  • Learn about British History – Children can learn about the history of the British monarchy by reading books, watching documentaries or movies about the previous Coronations.
  • Host a tea party – A tea party is an excellent way to celebrate the Coronation with children. Parents can organise a tea party and include traditional British snacks such as scones and cucumber sandwiches.
  • Plan to watch the Coronation – Children can watch the Coronation ceremony live on television or online.
  • Create a time capsule – Children can create a time capsule to remember the Coronation in the future. They can include pictures, newspaper clippings, and any other items that remind them of the Coronation.

Officially, throughout the UK, Coronation Big Lunches will bring communities together on 7 May, and Big Lunch packs for residents are now available to download from the Big Lunch website, This contains great ideas on planning a big lunch, ideas for “food flags”, human bingo games and conversation starters.

The weekend of celebrations will end with the Big Help Out on 8 May, which will highlight the impact of volunteering. This will encourage people to get involved with activities run by local community groups, organisations and charities. Organisations wanting to join in can sign up at

If you want to host a street party, and need a road closure, please get in touch with the council as soon as possible. Final deadline for applications is 22 March 2023 to allow the Council time to process the legal road closure orders. Road closure requests will be processed for free for this special occasion.

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