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Get ready for the Ørsted Great Grimsby 10k ready with THIS training plan!

11:31 am, Monday, 13th March 2023 - 1 year ago


Get your training programme kickstarted.

The much-loved Ørsted Great Grimsby 10k will be returning to the streets of Grimsby on Sunday 4 June. The event will once again be starting at Grimsby Town Hall.

Whether you’re an avid runner or have recently taken up the sport, race organiser Tape2Tape, working with headline sponsor Ørsted, are encouraging as many people as possible to get involved.

Tape2Tape have put together a 10-week, slow, progressive plan for beginners which should limit injuries and niggles if it is followed properly. Always consult your doctor if you have any medical conditions before embarking on this plan. If you are not a beginner, you can hop on to the plan at a point you see fits your current fitness.

Once you have completed the programme, it’s important you maintain what you have achieved so far. Use a mix of weeks 6, 7, 8 and 9 to keep up your running – replacing the alternate exercise with a slow steady run of between four and six miles. This will keep you 10k ready. If you have a desire to increase and run a further distance, you should increase your longest run by one mile each week.

WEEK 1REST1 mile* walk/jogREST1.5 mile* walk/jogREST40 minute walkalternate ** exercise
WEEK 2REST1.5 mile* walk/jogREST2 mile* walk/ jogREST40 minute walkalternate ** exercise
WEEK 3REST2.5 mile * walk/jogREST2.5 mile * jog/runREST50 minute walkalternate ** exercise
WEEK 4REST2.5 mile * jog/runREST3 mile * jog/runREST50 minute walkalternate ** exercise
WEEK 5REST3 mile * jog/runREST3.5 mile * jog/runREST55 minute walkalternate ** exercise
WEEK 6REST3 mile * jog/runREST4 mile continuous jogREST55 minute walkalternate ** exercise
WEEK 7REST3.5mile * jog/runREST4.5 mile continuous jogREST60 minute walkalternate ** exercise
WEEK 8REST3.5 mile jog or runREST5 mile continuous jogREST60 minute walkalternate ** exercise
WEEK 9REST4 mile jog or runREST5 mile continuous jog (or run)REST45 minute walkalternate ** exercise
WEEK 10 (easy week in prep for 10k distance)REST4 mile jog or runREST2 mile gentle jogREST20 min gentle walkRUN A 10k (6.2 MILES)

*You should alternate 30 seconds walk and 30 seconds jog, or 30 seconds walk and 30 seconds run, depending on what is stated on the programme.

**Alternate aerobic exercise includes activities such as swimming, cycling, exercise and equipment, classes, rowing machines, stair climbers etc. If you are exercising at a gym or sports centre, consult staff about suitable classes.


  • Walk: Brisk walking pace (faster than walking to the shop).
  • Jog: Gentle running pace (able to chat easily throughout).
  • Run: Faster pace than jogging but still able to chat (although not continuously).
  • Rest: Either a day off exercise completely or other exercise such as swimming, aerobics or cycling.

As with all exercise programmes, you should always do some gentle movement warm-up exercises beforehand and some stretching exercises to cool down afterwards.

Other tips:

  • Train with a buddy – this is great for motivation
  • Ensure you have the right shoes – specialist running shops do gait analysis to help put you in the correct shoes
  • Wear light layers of wicking clothing – cotton absorbs the sweat and you will feel cold quickly
  • Don’t run after a large meal, eat something light about an hour or two before you run
  • Eat healthy food like fish, meat, fruit and vegetables. Drink lots of water as part of your normal daily life (eight glasses minimum)
  • Refuel and hydrate after a run with healthy food and water

You can sign up at Entry includes a t-shirt and medal.

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