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Adult social care

Adult social care in North East Lincolnshire is provided by Focus independent adult social work.

LiveWell adult social care

LiveWell – Adult Social Care gives you information advice and guidance on adult social care issues. It is a one stop directory for all adult health and social care needs, including information on community groups and events. You can also do your own adult social care self-assessment.

Single Point of Access for adult social care

If you need to talk about adult social care or safeguarding issues (e.g. home care or residential care) in North East Lincolnshire, then please contact the Single Point of Access  on 01472 256 256.

The Single Point of Access is open 24 hours a day, all year round, including bank holidays. The staff are local, with local knowledge to help you with any mental health, social care, community health or GP out of hours needs or concerns you may have.

Reporting concerns

If you have a concern about the wellbeing of an adult then you need to Report neglect or abuse . To speak to someone about your concerns call the Single Point of Access on 01472 256256. This phone line is open 24 hours a day, all year round.

Cost of care reports

North East Lincolnshire Council has been responding to Department of Health and Social Care Guidance on Developing Market Sustainability and a Fair Cost of Care.

This work involved engagement with providers of care at home for all adults aged 18 and over, and care homes for adults aged 65 and over. 

We sought information from our local providers about the costs of the care and support they provide. These documents summarise the information we collected and also reflect more recent engagement and benchmarking work.

Councils are also required to create a Market Sustainability Plan. The plan requires us to identify the key risks to market sustainability for the 65+ care home market and the 18+ domiciliary care market and to establish plans to address any issues identified.

Review of Adult Social Care charging for Respite outcome

The Council has decided to change its approach to charging for respite. Instead of charging one of a number of flat fee bands, from 27th March 2023 the Council will charge individuals using the same rules that apply to charging for care at home. This means that each individual will contribute what a financial assessment based on those rules indicates they can afford to pay.

Read more about the review of adult social care charging for respite consultation.