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Here’s how to give your canine companion the best time in the resort this spring

10:03 am, Tuesday, 4th April 2023 - 11 months ago

Environment and community safety

Dogs love visiting Cleethorpes. Here are three things dog owners can do to give their canine companions the best time in the resort.

  1. Look after the beach: Cleethorpes has a beautiful beach, let’s keep it that way. Dogs are banned from the main beach from Good Friday to 30 September.
  2. Look after wildlife: Cleethorpes is internationally important for wading birds. Keep dogs under control and stay on the main footpaths so you don’t disturb the wildlife.
  3. Look after yourself and your dog: Cleethorpes has fast incoming tides. Leave sand banks six hours before high tide. Stay away from the mud.

Dogs are not allowed on Cleethorpes beach between the leisure centre and Wonderland groyne from Good Friday to 30 September.

Signs carrying clear reminders that dogs are not allowed on the beach are prominently displayed in the area where the ban is enforced.

Dog walkers will be fined £100 if they take their dogs on the restricted section of beach.

Warning signs about the fines can be found along the promenade and at beach entrances in the restricted area.

Wherever you take your dog, remember to carry a dog poo bag and pick up after them. Dog walkers will be fined £100 for not picking up their dog’s mess.

Dog walkers also face a £100 fine if they don’t carry a dog poo bag or other means to pick up after their pet.

A new PSPO restricting other activities on the beach, parks and other council land came into force on 1 April.

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