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“It’s a daily occurrence.” Councillor blasts vandals of water safety equipment

3:41 pm, Friday, 15th October 2021 - 2 years ago

Environment and community safety

LIFE-SAVING buoys have been repeatedly vandalised in Grimsby town centre, putting lives at risk according to Council chiefs.

The Councillor responsible for the environment has blasted ‘mindless idiots’ who have repeatedly stolen, vandalised and displaced the equipment, revealing that the issue has become a regular occurrence, happening almost daily.

The orange life rings, known as life buoys, were installed along the river Freshney at Riverhead Square and on the newly unveiled Garth Lane development.

Since then, vandals have pulled them out of their casings, stolen some, vandalised others and thrown others in the water.

Councillor Stewart Swinburn, portfolio holder for environment, energy and transport, described the latest scene: “On Tuesday our officers inspected the scene following reports, and found that two buoys were missing, two had been vandalised, and another was in the water and had to be retrieved. It is becoming a daily occurrence.

“What these mindless idiots don’t understand is that this all costs money, takes up valuable time, and can put lives at risk.

“Those buoys are in place in case someone falls into the water and needs assistance. If the buoys are damaged or missing when they’re needed most, lives could be lost.”

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