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Civilian Work Attachments

Opportunities for military service leavers

We’re excited to offer Civilian Work Attachments during your resettlement period.

We are working with the Career Transition Partnership, an organisation that supports people leaving the Armed Forces, to offer the area’s veterans a work placement to give them experience in the civilian job market.

As service leavers, you have the skills, knowledge and experience to shape and deliver the best public services for everyone who lives, works or visits North East Lincolnshire.

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What can we offer you?

A Civilian Work Attachment offers the opportunity to explore a range of roles, shadow experienced professionals and bring your expertise to an engaging project.

  • A supportive and friendly environment to help with the transition into civilian working life
  • Additional support from a Veteran Buddy who’s already made the move
  • Opportunities to identify and apply your transferable skills
  • Chance to build a network and grow your confidence
  • Developing new skills and improving your CV.

Man smiling
Martin said: “My colleagues have been so friendly. I’m used to that in the military, but this was next-level friendly.

“Everyone has been approachable too. I’ve been shadowing people and they’ve gone above and beyond to give me an insight into what they do, even eating into their own time to help. It’s been a nice refreshing change and I’m grateful for the way I’ve been welcomed.

“Would I work here? Yes, definitely. I’m keen on staying in touch if something suitable comes up.”
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