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Anti-social behaviour case review / community trigger

The Anti-social behaviour (ASB) case review / Community Trigger allows you to request anti-social behaviour reports to be reviewed if you have suffered three or more instances in the last six months, and if believe that you have not received a reasonable response to your complaint. This does not replace our complaint procedure or the complaints procedure of our partners in Humberside Police or Social Housing. It ensures agencies work together in joined-up approach to find a solution.

All case review requests will be assessed by a number of key people within the partnership. Someone for you to contact will be appointed, and they have the responsibility to keep you updated with what is happening. We aim to have the matter resolved within 28 days. The result of the review will be given to you in writing as well as verbally. If you are still not satisfied with the outcome, you can submit an appeal to the Community Safety Partnership who will again review the response that has been given.

All ASB Case Reviews and their outcomes are reported to the Community Safety Partnership Board and the Police and Crime Commissioner.

When you have submitted a request for a case review, this will be considered against the criteria to see if your application qualifies for further attention. You can submit this information on behalf of someone else.

View the ASB Case Review / Community Trigger Policy (PDF, 56KB) and the Charter for Victims of Anti-Social Behaviour (PDF, 54KB) .

Review criteria

  1. Three or more reports of separate incidents of anti-social behaviour have been made in the last 6 months to either Humberside Police, North East Lincolnshire Council or a registered housing provider (e.g. Lincolnshire Housing Partnership or Longhurst Group)
  2. The response from the relevant agencies is considered to have been inadequate.



Number of applications received101
Number of times the threshold was not met000
Number of Case Reviews held101
Number of times recommendations were made101


Number of applications received12306
Number of times the threshold was not met11204
Number of Case Reviews held01102
Number of times recommendations were made01102


Number of applications received01506
Number of times the threshold was not met01405
Number of Case Reviews held00112
Number of times recommendations were made00101


Number of applications received00213
Number of times the threshold was not met00202
Number of Case Reviews held00101
Number of times recommendations were made00011

Contact details

Community Trigger


Telephone: 01472 323933