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Anti-social behaviour

Anti-social behaviour can be a real cause for concern. It doesn’t just make life unpleasant, it holds back the regeneration of disadvantaged areas and creates an environment where more serious crime can take hold.

Types of anti social behaviour that can be reported to us:

  • Intimidation/bullying
  • Rowdy/nuisance behaviour
  • Verbal abuse/threats
  • Youths causing annoyance

If you feel you are a victim or repeat victim of Anti-Social Behaviour please report it.

View the Charter for Victims of Anti-Social Behaviour (PDF, 54KB) .

To report the criminal offences please contact Humberside Police on telephone number 101:

  • Dealing or buying drugs on the street
  • Prostitution
  • Street drinking
  • Vandalism

To report other nuisance behaviour go to our nuisance behaviour page.